New Jersey to become the first state to ban the declawing of cats


Declawing a cat is the equivalent of cutting a person`s fingers off at the first knuckle.



  1. Ok. I get that it’s a bit barbaric. But if the choice is declaw or I can’t adopt the cat, then what? My mom was on blood thinners & terrified of getting scratched so had I not declawed the cat, I would not have been able to adopt him. Then it wouldn’t have been fair to my first cat if my second rescue kept her claws. Then my third. None ever left my house and all three lived well into their mid- to late teens, dying of natural causes. I now have one rescue cat who’s not declawed (mom passed years ago) and I’m not able to pick her up cause she’s very skittish and immediately uses her claws to escape my arms. I’m saddened by this though I love her dearly.

    • I am on high levels of blood thinners (Coumadin) and a cats scratch will not cause any problems. I have two cats with claws and do get scratched regularly trying to get them out of my 10 year old daughter’s room. People on blood thinners are safe to own cats. Just apply pressure if scratched. Knives and falls are scary, and I do live with lots of bruises.

    • You don’t deserve to adopt cats. You’re not doing them a favor by adopting them and cutting off their fingertips. And it wouldn’t be fair to your other cats if you weren’t barbaric to everyone in the family? What kind of reasoning is that? Do the feline species a favor and stop adopting cats.

  2. I strongly believe that cat’s should Not be DECLAWED at all. If you have a house cat and this cat had it’s nail declawed and get outside, then how the hell is he/she going to defend itself. It’s barbaric and I’m totally against. If your cat starts to claw your furniture just say one word “NO”, then clap your hands loudly a few times. You will have to do it a few times, then they will get the Message. Do NOT get a bottle of water and spray the cat, he won’t completely understand what your trying to tell the cat.

    If you want any more idea’s then contact “Jackson Galaxy” from the show “My Cat From Hell”, they will give you some idea’s aS well. WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T DECLAW YOUR CAT, OR BETTER THAN THAT, DON’T BUY OR RESCUE A CAT EITHER.

  3. Yes, I have been aware of the horrible side effects of declawing for years; cats become morose, depressed, unpredictable (attacking by using their teeth), and the worst, urinating outside the litter box, and I don’t mean next to it. Urinating on carpets, sofas, beds, and sometimes where it’s easy to clean up. Whenever someone complains about their cat scratching their furniture, I ask whether they’d prefer a urine-soaked sofa or carpet. It’s so much easier to trim the nails and teach the cat to use scratching posts located at several places around the house. Cat’s often like to scratch immediately upon waking up or after having used the litter box ; placing scratch posts accordingly helps.
    Having operated a cat rescue since 1992, I have had several declawed cats over the years- they were abandoned exactly due to some of the bad side effects. I often had to resort to the use of “piddle pants” that held little absorbent pads which were a help but also caused a lot more work by having to clean the cat’s behind every day.


  5. I had the chance to declaw my kitties, but I stuck with just trimming them .. won’t harm them and they have their own chair to claw and scratch at. Won’t do it to any other object but that chair and their scratch pad.

    Don’t declaw! trim the claw!

  6. KatieB – If you’re a cat lover and want a friendlier cat, adopt an adult kitty. I adopted my cats as adults and their personalities are already established. Shelter volunteers can often point you towards a gentle lap kitty and then you spend time petting her and picking her up to make sure you’re a good match. Adopting a kitten is unpredictable because each cat has a unique personality and some just aren’t as people-oriented. Hope this helps.